ZEPP Country Music, Inc.

P.O. Box 306
4 East Third St.
Wendell, NC 27591-0306
Local: 919-365-5189 or Call Toll Free within USA: 866-365-5189

I, Donald ZEPP, shall be celebrating my 70th birthday early in 2015.  This looming milestone motivates me to announce my retirement from business, effective 01 January 2015, and have begun the process of liquidation.  

Any and All store merchandise is currently selling at at least 20% off its already discounted, advertised or marked price! (Consignment items, which, by definition, are not owned by the store, are currently offered at 10% off, that amount coming from my commission, not the owners' shares, thus consignment prices shall go no lower unless the owners lower them). Watch this space for further reductions!

As I am leaving the business, also for sale are all fixtures, furniture, appurtenances, etc. Essentially, if it's not my personal property or attached to the walls, it's available.

Please note that under the current circumstances, All Sales are final and no returns can be accepted or refunds made.
I would ask your understanding and forbearance if items shown on the website are no longer in stock. It's going to be quite a challenge keeping these pages up to date! You can view this site by
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