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1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck

1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck During the great "Folk Boom" of the 1960s, it was de rigueur to have a longneck banjo (Ó la Pete Seeger). Gibson obliged by making a long neck version of the RB170, a simple instrument with a rolled brass tone ring. The long necks of the era typically had three frets added at the low end, i.e., capoed at the 3rd fret they are tuned the same as today's standard banjo, so string tension remains the same.

For the long-of-arm (or for the orangutans among us), this banjo has cam-style D tuners installed.

This particular banjo has seen its share of use, with numerous finish chips, other dings, scratches, dents, bumps, whistles and whatnots. It is, however consumately playable.

With a gig bag, this piece of banjo history is consigned here for $1000.

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1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck fingerboard The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard has dot position markers. Spikes have been installed to facilitate playing in the keys of A and B, assuming a standard, open G tuning when capoing at this longneck's 3rd fret.
         1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck heel The dark-painted rim shows typical crazing.
1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck  peghead The "fly swatter" headstock was charactersitic of the '60s, as builders attempted to switch users' preferences to guitar-style tuners. Of course, they did make the cam-style D-tuners easier to use...          1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck tuners Grover Rotomatic brand tuners were used for the long strings; the 5th string has a Grover Sta-Tite brand friction peg.
1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck neck The mahogany neck is one-piece, and has numerous dings and bumps from age.          1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck finishwear The finish shows a fair amount of wear and use.         
1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck head It's set up with a Remo head, a Moon brand compensated bridge, and a Waverly "Tension" style taillpiece. It has a Suzuki-style fine tuner on the friction-peg-tuned 5th string (and one on the 3rd string for some reason).          1960s Gibson RB175 Longneck stick It has a single co÷rdinator rod, and a rolled brass tone ring.

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