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Keith Tuning Pegs from the Beacon Banjo Company:

Stainless and Non-plated Brass Shown; Gold Available

Bill's Keith Banjo Tuners, below, have been regarded as a paragon of quality since he began selling them in 1963. In 2003, Bill finally agreed to make and market regular planetary banjo tuners using the same quality and attention to detail.

I heartily suggest that anyone interested give him a call. Bill is a great guy, and has done a lot for the banjo community over the years. Yes, I stock them to install on banjos sold through my shop, but, no, I will not sell them mail-order. For those who just want to buy the tuners, I really urge you to support Bill by buying directly from him. Please see below for ordering information.

Keith Banjo Tuners from the Beacon Banjo Company:

Banjo legend Bill Keith invented his Keith Banjo Tuner D-tuners in 1963, and has been manufacturing and selling them since. In 2001, Mr. Keith changed his distribution policies, and is now selling them directly. His website, beaconbanjo.com, seems to be perpetually under constuction, but he is taking telephone or fax orders at (845) 679-8314 and (845) 679-5483, respectively.

Bill has kindly agreed to continue supplying me with a small number of his Keith Banjo Tuners so I can install them on the banjos I sell; I will happily install tuners purchased from me or directly from Bill without charge.

Shown above are his stainless steel Keith Banjo Tuners for the 2nd and 3rd strings (note the different spool diameters--these are designed so the same degree of turning of each tuner will correctly drop your banjo into a "D" tuning).
Look! Keith Tuners are stocked for 2nd and 3rd strings in stainless only: $220
Installation of Keith Banjo Tuners or Bill's new regular planetary tuner: Free with purchase from me or from Bill. Please take into account that Bill makes more more money if you get them directly from him, so if you're not looking to walk in and have them installed, or aren't asking me to put them on a banjo before I ship it, I encourage you to support his business!

Gold-plated Keith Banjo Tuners ($275), and 1st and 4th string Keith Banjo Tuners must be special ordered, so you might as well get them directly from Bill. If you do, I'll still install them gratis.

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