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An index to my YouTube banjo videos
Disclaimer: In my efforts to sell banjos, I had videoed my playing of some of them. While I used my own website to link to those for sale, I also archived them on YouTube. Because the number of recordings grew quickly, this index was meant simply to make it a little easier for folks to find that which they sought. Unfortunately, my having far too many things to do, this index stopped being updated, and many videos have been added since my last efforts in that regard. So, it's useful to an extent. If you can't find it here, by all means poke around my zeppmusic YouTube Channel!

These are quick and dirty recordings, as are my MP3s, but some people have found them helpful. I am always happy to explain, discuss, or whatever if you have any questions or comments. DBZ

Please note that these data can be viewed sorted by tune or by instrument--simply use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

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