Stolen Instruments

In addition to the Stolen Instruments Database the following have been reported stolen by subscribers to BANJO-L:

Our house was robbed sometime between Friday, May 5 and Wednesday, May 10.
Here is a tentative list of the missing Items in order of importance or
ease of identification:

    l.  German viola in hard black case with green felt lining, "Germany"
sticker inside.  With bow.  Dominant strings. Nice wood with a transparent
light varnish.

    2.  Vega #9 Plectrum banjo with heel repair, no tuners, damaged ivoroid
binding near the fifth fret, gold plated. Marquetry on the back of the rim.
Carved heel, and fancy inlay. In a black hard case with a stenciled band
name on the front. "Vegaphone, Artist" on dowel stick.  Tubaphone tone

    3.  Guckert tenor banjo with arch top in black hard case.  Strings and
fiddler's convention ribbons in case.  Strung with extra heavy strings to
be tuned down to G. Large red-orange  Tibetan vajra sticker on head.

    4.  Bowl back mandolin in Hard case (Vega style) with fancy,  oval,
engraved inlays. Many rosewood pieces in the back.  Heart shaped cut out in
the peghead.  Etched tuner plates. Label says Benson?  Binding and top
separated near neck.

    5.  Weber violin.  Reddish finish, with a wide grained top.  The label
says something like "Weber, maker and repairer, 1913 or 23, Milwaukee." In
need of a repair at the end block.  There is cracking evident near the end

    6.  Fender Mustang with cherry finish in Hard shell case with one
rewound pickup.  Faulty switch. Some touch-up in the finish. In original
hard shell case.

    7.  Fender P-bass cc. l976.  Black with white pickguard.  Pickup
shield is in place.  Big Fender F on heel plate. In original hard shell

    8.  Fender A/E bass l99?.   Blond Wood. Fretless. In soft gig bag.

    9.  Peavey Bass Amp.   TNT l30 or l60. This is about  three feet  high
by two feet deep, black, with one l5 inch speaker.  No wheels or carring

    10. Mackie 1202 mixer. In the original box, with manual.

    11. Tascam DA-30 digital recorder, in original box with manual and
remote.  Remote cord wrapped around remote. Ball point pen markings on
styrofoam packing. (left, right, front, back).

    12. Cortez Les Paul copy with black finish, no case. Grover tuners.

    13. Ibanez stratocaster with sunburst finish in soft case.

    14. Ibanez stratocaster with blond natural wood finish one bad pickup.
There should be signs of the pick guard having been formerly painted, and
the paint having been scratched off. Tremolo bar hole has stripped threads.
Neck plate screws are a littled buggered up.

    15. Juzek violin. Has a home made nut. Odd pegs. Slightly asymmetrical
body shape.

    16. Fender cherry guitar with bowed neck. May be strung like a banjo.

    l7. Banjo mandolin with metal bar from back of pot to heel. Maple rim
and neck.

    18. Alvin guitar  (Alvin scratched into top).

    l9. Trumpet, antique with etched bell, in hard, black, formfitted case.

    20. Bowl back mandolin in Hard case. Suzuki? With ivoroid heart  shaped
pick on a string attached to the strings behind the bridge.

    21. Classic guitar.  Goya?  Bad tuners.

    22. Vantage Electric bass-dark wood finish. In hard case with repair on
bottom.  Duct tape?

    23. Violin, Czeck or Austrian, but not Japanese, with red/orange
finish.  In cheap black case.

    24. Banjo case with miscelaneous parts (brown alligator). Inside is a
tenor banjo neck and some old skin heads. Taped shut sinceI the hinges are

    25. Silvertone electric guitar.  In greyish chipboard case.  Strung
like a banjo.  Black finish with a white pickguard.

    26. Slotted-peghead guitar Kay type.

     If anybody sees any of this stuff in a pawn shop or junk store etc.,
call me at (828)-258-8840.  Don't say anything to the shopkeeper. Also, it
seems best not to tell pawn shops that  this stuff has been stolen.  Its
best if they buy it.

     If the stuff has been pawned, it will be about three months before it
comes out on the shelves.  If it has been sold, it could be out now. If you
happen to be passing the pawn shop, and don't mind looking in, we'd
appreciate it.  Same for antique stores and junk stores. If you don't mind
sending this along  to other people on your mailing list, it would be
helpful, kind  of a chain e-mail.  I'd especially like to get word out to
places like Charlotte, Atlanta, Greenville, Winston, Knoxville, and other
neighboring areas.  In fact, there is enough value in this stuff for
someone to travel a long way to unload it. With the big network we have
there's a chance we might locate some of it.  If not, C'est la vie.

John Herrmann & Meredith McIntosh

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:34:04 -0700 From: Al Garvin Some time between 9:00PM 4-18-99 and 7:00 PM 4-19-99 my Stelling Sunflower BG banjo was stolen from my house in San Martin, Cal. This is banjo had a maple neck and pot. It had a black Deering sheeps wool strap on it. It was S/N 1885. It was made in 1981. Also taken was a black Deering Delta Case. If anyone comes across this banjo please report it to Santa Clara County Sheriff. Case No. 99-109-0422G. Phone no. (408) 686-3660 or contact me at Al Garvin 12905 Columbet Ave. San Martin, Cal. 95046 (408) 683-0140
From Sun Dec 29 19:21:09 1996 Date: Sun, 29 Dec 96 16:31:34 CDT From: Reply-To: To: Subject: Stolen Banjoes!! I had two banjoes stolen last night after performing in Des Moines, Iowa. I lost: 1. 1922 Whyte Laydie style R pot with new 5 string neck sn 47066, the inside of the neck block where it touches the pot (visible when you take the neck off) is stamped "Ray Thraen 1992". Everst tweed HSC 2. Acme Professional Imperial, made by Stewart, it has an inlaid calla lilly in flowerpot in peghead, crescent moon and stars on the neck, carved heel, and a neck angle support rod from the dowel stick to the heel. There is a brass plate on the back of the peghead with the initials "P.N." There is no serial number. 3. Guild acoustic guitar sn DA108229 4. Kentucky 650C mandolin sn 21022 This a florentine body shape with oval sound hole. Please send me any information if you see these: Mike Haverkamp 109 N. Van Buren St. Iowa City, IA 52245 319-337-7180 or contact Des Moines police: 515-283-4864 case #96-56261 REWARDS OFFERED!! Mike Haverkamp