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Among other things (bluegrass and old-time recordings, videos, picks, capos, cases, etc.), some of the accessories we stock are as follow. If you don't see it, please ask about availability, prices, and volume purchase prices:

Just a smattering of items currently In Stock:
Keith Banjo Tuners
Here's some information about these marvelous machines.

Banjo Bridges
Here's some information on some of the better bridges on the market.

Banjo Heads
Here's some information on some of the banjo heads we stock, including the phenomenal new Renaissance heads.

Chuck Lee Banjo Company Vega-style Arm Rest
Filling a market void, Chuck Lee offers a wire armrest for banjos that is adjustable for height and multiple bracket spacings.

These armrests will fit 24-bracket 11-inch pots, 26-bracket or 14-bracket 12-inch pots, or even 16-bracket, 11-inch Goodtime banjos

Now available in nickel-plated or non-plated brass! BTW, please understand that these are handmade and show marks from their assembly, and further, the non-plated brass is intentionally left out to tarnish and develop a rich brass patina: They do not look as if they were made by a computer in a Korean factory because they weren't!

Nickel-plated or non-plated: $40 ea. plus $6.00 Priority Mail shipping & handling.

We sell many types of capos: please ask if you're searching for something in particular.
G7th brand Capos
We've stocked the guitar version for a few years, but now we have the banjo model, too (shown)! Simple--you put it on the fret and push the lower jaw closed with just the tension you want. To open it, just push the release lever and it pops open. No muss, no fuss. Now my favorite capo! View a short video showing its ease of use (2.5 MB .wmv).

List is $59.99 for banjo or guitar. Please call for pricing. Now in Stock.

Earl's Suspender Banjo 5th String Capo
Ingenious. No drilling or permanent installation. Simply stretch it and put it where it's needed. View a short video showing its ease of use (1.5 MB .wmv).

Great for use with Nylgut strings.

Only $12.95

Peg Drops Liquid Peg Compound
This neat stuff is a godsend for fiddlers, old-time banjo players, or anyone else using wooden friction pegs.
It is specifically designed to stop slippage or creaky, jumping operation. It really does work--I use it all the time in the shop.
$9.95 a bottle, plus postage.

We sell many, many brands and gauges of strings. As we do not use automated purchase/inventory software, we list only the new, exciting, or generally interesting things here. Please ask if you're searching for something particular: we do carry a wide selection of strings from most major manufacturers.

 Look! If you're not sure about selecting strings, please check here for some general comments and guidelines.

 Look! Ever get stuck trying to change strings? In response to a customer's request, herewith is a handy-dandy how-to guide to string changing.

Aquila "Nylgut" Banjo Strings.
These synthetic gut strings are imported from Italy. They are made of a proprietary material, and very much resemble natural gut in both feel and sound. Unlike monofilament nylon strings, these have a fibrous appearance, and maintain a fairly high tension. BTW, to avoid any chance of cutting these strings, we advise against the use of railroad spikes for 5th string capoing--instead, we suggest the use of an Earl's Suspender Capo.

As these strings must be tied onto a banjo's tailpiece, we recommend using a Bowline knot. Here are step-by-step instructions for making this knot, and a short video clip showing exactly how to do it.

"Classic" and "Minstrel" gauges now in stock (the Minstrel being slightly heavier).

They are $9.99 per set, $25 for three sets, $45 for 6 sets, and $85 per dozen (mix & match).  Look! These prices include free shipping within the United States.

We sell many brands and models of electronic tuners and metronomes. As we do not use automated purchase/inventory software, we list only the new, exciting, or generally interesting things here. Please ask if you're searching for something particular: we do carry a wide selection .
Intelli IMT-500/Tune Tech TT-500 Contact Tuners
The new hot ticket tuner! It's a small, back-lit, chromatic tuner that is accurate to within 0.5 cents (most are only accurate to with 1.0 cent). What makes this one such a good seller is not just its accuracy, but its decided ability not to be fooled by harmonics and overtones, i.e., this is a stable tuner that doesn't jump around "hunting" for the right note.

Not only does it have a wide-opening swivel clamp that makes it ideal for fiddles and dowel sticks, but it has a really neat feature for guitarists and other fretted instrument players: If you put your capo on, say, the 3rd fret, you simply push its "flat" button 3 times, and it will tune the 3rd fret correctly while showing you the names of the open strings. No more transposing on your fingers & toes!

The two brands (Intelli and Tune Tech) are absolutely identical in all respects other than the names printed on the tuners. We will ship whichever we happen to have in stock.

This has become my personal tuner of choice: only $29.95 plus $6.00 priority mail shipping & handling.

Sabine MetroTune 9000
Neat! These handy devices combine two tools any serious picker should have: a chromatic tuner and a metronone, all in one slick package.

In addition to getting you in tune and ready to practice, these also provide you with an infernal clicking to remind you how much you tend to accelerate when you play. These metronomes have a sweeping series of lights to simulate a pendulum (they also serve to indicate how close to being in tune any given note is), so you have a visual idea of when that next "click" is coming.

A "must-have" tool, they list at $43.95, but are available at a special Internet price of $35 plus $6.00 Priority Mail shipping & handling.
Sabine ZipBeat 6000 metronome
A bargain-priced, full-featured electronic metronome. With a bank of lights to "swing" back and forth, this metronome gives visual feedback (much like playing with a pendulum metronome), as well as the requisite "clicks."
Can be set for varied rhythms, i.e, the first beat has a different sound and a different light color to differentiate among 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, etc.
Comes with earphone (that cuts out the speaker, so only your ear can hear the clicking--great for recording).
Generates several tuning tones, A440, 441, 442, etc.
Like all Sabine's products, it includes a battery.
List price $29.95, 'net price $23.95 (plus $6.00 for Priority Mail shipping & handling)
Transkriber(tm) Software..
This technology from Reed Kotler Systems enables you to record directly from a CD in your computer or to plug a CD- or tape-player into your sound card, and then set a start and end point for it, and then slow it down without changing its pitch so you can learn it. You can also change its key instantly.

Available for Mac (floppy or CD) or Windows (CD only, though please note that the CD contains both Mac and Windows versions).

$49.95 + $6.00 Priority Mail shipping & handling in USA.

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