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Tying a Bowline knot for attaching Nylgut or other soft strings to a banjo

A Bowline knot is sometimes called the "King of Knots" owing to its not only resisting any slipping (loading it only makes it tighten) but its being very easy to untie even after being heavily loaded. Though irrelevant to banjo use, it can also be tied and untied around or through an anchor point using only the "loose" end.

Below are step-by step photos of this knot. We also offer this very short video clip showing how to tie a Bowline knot.
The first step is to make a small loop in your string, near the end.

 Heel Assembly
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The working end is then brought back through that small loop, forming what will eventually be the loop that will hold the string onto the tailpiece.

 Insert lagsrews into rim
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The working end is now wrapped behind the static part of the string...

Washers on upper lagscrew
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and then passed back through the small, initial loop.
Tighten upper lagscrew
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Finally, pull the working and static ends in opposite directions. This will snug into the knot itself, leaving a non-cinching loop to hold the string onto your tailpiece.

Washers on lower lagscrew
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