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Some MP3 Sound Files of Some Instruments That Came Through ZEPP Country Music at One Time or Another (being in no particular order):
Disclaimer: Most of these sound files have been recorded quickly and simply to demonstrate (or keep a copy of) the sound of particular instruments. Some were done as recordings of lessons for my students and follow my tablature fairly closely (these tunes tend to be played quite slowly for that reason). Regardless, please understand that these are quick & dirty recordings of no particular importance. Please feel free to download them and/or use them in any non-commercial way you choose. If you would like to use something for commercial purpose (on a website, etc.), I ask only that you give me credit somewhere. If you have any questions or comments about the sounds of the instruments, I shall be happy to discuss them with you. DBZ

Look!Below is an out-of-date spreadsheet that can be viewed sorted by tune, instrument, tone system, or tuning--look at the bottom of it to switch views.

The "Shady Grove Series" has been incorporated in this index, so to hear the same tune played on 30-some different instruments, use the "Sorted by Tune" view, and scroll down to "Shady Grove."

Beneath this out-of-date spreadsheet is my original drop-down guide to the recordings. I tend to use this one personally, as it takes you to a bit more information about the recordings themselves.

Below this point, you will find the old index and the original file descriptions. I've left them here because there are a lot more comments and information in the old format, and I find myself using it for information from time-to-time:

Alphabetical index to the tunes on this page: