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P.O. Box 306
Wendell, NC 27591

ZEPP Country Music closed its doors at the end of 2014. I no longer have any of the items that were for sale on this website; accordingly, I have removed the sales-oriented pages from this site, leaving only the non-commerical bits intact for the foreseeable future.

Contact information: You can try to reach me at the above P.O. Box address, or by sending email to: info@zeppmusic.com, but please don't expect a timely--much less immediate--response. I do travel and have moved on to other things.

19 May 2015: I began a banjo- and guitar-oriented blog on this site. I plan to share some observations and teaching information here, as well as some of my philosophy about music and life in general. Please take a look, and feel free to comment! (FTM, I do occasionally post on another blog, regarding my career interest: entomology.)

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