Donald ZEPP's

ClearHead™ Clawhammer Banjo

7. "Personalizing" your play, or "How to create your own style."

This is Video 7 in the series "Personalizing" your play, or "How to create your own style." If you have not yet watched the introduction to this series, please do so, as otherwise this will make no sense!

In the following clip, I am combining the elements we've discussed in the 6 other videos. Watch closely. In fact, consider downloading this video and playing it at half speed in your media player of choice to get a better sense of how I'm combining elements. I have added a "B" part just for fun, but focus your attentions on the "A" part first.

Also note that I'm not playing it the same way each time: But that's what this has been all about! Enjoy.

Watch this video clip in which we sort of use all our tricks.

Want to see some again?