Donald ZEPP's

ClearHead™ Clawhammer Banjo

7. "Personalizing" your play, or "How to create your own style."

This is Video 3 in the series "Personalizing" your play, or "How to create your own style." If you have not yet watched the introduction to this series, please do so, as otherwise this will make no sense!

In the following clip. we are adding a constant "double thumb" after the on-beat melody notes, i.e., following each and every beat. Note that our left hand fingering remains exactly the same as it was for our "basic melody"!

For best results, you should practice doing this quite literally after beat, i.e., you want to teach your right hand to be able to thumb that 5th string constantly, whether it sounds good or not! Once mastered, you will be able easily to leave out unwanted thumbs.

Watch this video clip, in which we add the thumb's playing of the 5th string.

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